Ombir Foundation 

Ombir Foundation will be our first project partner for our Need to Read project.

In december 2018 the children received the first books and a book rack to start a future of beautiful stories, inspiration and learning together.

Every month we will ad new books to their bookshelves with the help of the children themself.
They can now make a list of book wishes with titles, subjects and writers we can work with to choose there new books for each month!

For this project we work together with Wisdom Bookstore. Where we get a great discount for our projects and a lot off advice when it comes to writers, stories, books and ages.

Founding story of Ombir foundation

Sometimes you meet someone who changes your life. I met Ombir for the first time in the summer of 2014. A very positive and happy boy with a lust for life. I asked him, “What is the thing that you would like the most in the whole world?” “Love,” he answered. I slumped to my knees and embraced his fragile body. In his beaming eyes, I saw a child looking back at me. A golden smile on his face and beaming eyes. At that moment, I saw the enormous power and the potential of giving as little as love to just one child. An 11-year-old boy’s greatest dream was something as simple as love. This answer changed his life.

Ombir was born in a very small village in the south of Nepal. He lived with his parents and younger brother in a hut made of bamboo. Ombir grew up in pure poverty and with only one meal a day, the chance of survival was small.

After his father died, Ombir’s sick mother brought him here. Here, Ombir received what he needed. Shelter, food, education and love. Lots of love! But above all, a chance of a better future.

April 25, 2015, the day that Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake. As a result,the orphans lost their homes and slept for weeks in a tent on the nearby lawn. One thing was for sure. Somebody had to stand up and take care of these children. I had no papers, no experience, no money and I didn’t speak the language. To me, this didn’t matter at all.Hearing the orphans crying on the phone and seeing the fear in their eyes whilst the tears were streaming down my cheeks, I knew for sure what I had to do. This was the time for me to stand up, to quit my studies in Psychology and my job and to move to Nepal to take care of these orphans.

With the greatest dream of building a new home, because every child deserves to grow up in a safe and loving environment. And yes, we need your help!

For as long as one of these children, with an outstretched hand, is asking for nothing more than love, my mission will continue!

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Mick Bröcker