We lose ourselves in books and we find ourselves there too

Need to Read project

To imagine, to get inspired, to learn, to process, to explore to lose ourselves in stories and find ourselves in the same book, we read.

With our Need to Read projects we will bring
beautiful stories, information and inspirational
books to children without the access to read
at home.

In Nepal a lot of children don’t have access to any books and if they do, it will be only academic and theoretical books used for
basic education at school.

First project partner
Our first Need to Read project started in december 2018 in collaboration with Ombir Foundation.
11+ children received a book package and a book rack in their family home. Every month new books will be added to their shelves with the help of their own wish-list.

Soon after
Soon after our first book package we started a new Need to Read program for 6 young girls between 4 and 12. Tree of the children are the daughters from Muna, the single mum and children we also supported in 2018 with our emergency fund when her husband and father of the children suddenly past away last year.

For the past months we have always kept Muna in our thoughts thinking how we can do more to help her family in a sustainable way. Well, we still aren’t sure about that till now, but what we do know is that we can break the circle of poverty by education and protect the safety of her daughters by knowledge and empowerment.

When we visited the family again, we realized the neighbouring family has 3 daughters aswel! That makes 6 young girls between 4-12 to empower and team up together!

Now, in the hallway between the 2 families stands a small book rack with a variation of amazing books to share and explore! For this girls we decided to add some real Girls empowerment books like
Bedtime stories for rebel girls, women in science and women in sports and books about writing your own diary. More books are for example; world encyclopedias, classic stories like beauty and the beast, black beauty, Robinson Crusoe, Nepali poetry books, fairytale stories and beautiful Illustration books for all the different ages.

In 2019 we hope to collaborate with other projects to bring books to more children in Nepal.

For the Need to Read project we work together with Wisdom Bookstore who is providing the books with good discount to support our project and with great advice about writers, ages advises, new series and more. We are thankful for this great partnership.