Our Mission:


Rachna Foundation is a Non-profit organisation working on personal and talent development projects for underprivileged children, teenagers and youngsters in Nepal.  


Our Mission

It is our mission to offer unprivileged children, teenagers and youngsters in Nepal the opportunities to discover, develop and empower their talents and themself. With supporting knowledge, experiences and succes stories we
can contribute in the feeling of self-esteem, what gives them a better position to find a worthy place in the society.

Our Vision
Every child, teenager and youngster deserves an independent and worthy position in the society.


Team & Partners 

Meet our amazing team of fieldworkers and our program partners in Nepal.

Meet our team

Projects in 2019

Need to Read project


Crafted school supplies


Things we did in 2018

Rajkumar sold his family property and Uma her cosmetic company to adopt 23 children with HIV and raise them as there own. Together they started Baby Life home and Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan, the first school in Nepal for HIV infected children.

Baby life home was one of our project partners in 2018 and will be in 2019.

Art classes 

Weekly we have provided professional art classes at baby life home in collaboration with Sanjeev Maharajan from Drawing Room Kathmandu. 


Mural project

In April 2018 we have celebrated the renovation of the education and talent development centre from Baby life home.  In collaboration with 3 graduated art students we have decorated all classrooms with beautiful and inspiring murals. This project was coordinated by Drawing Room Kathmandu.


"Empowering women from marginalized communities in Nepal. Through education and practical training these women get the chance to become skilled tailors, creative entrepreneurs & independent individuals." -Hatti Hatti

We are really proud of the women we supported to be part of the Hatti Hatti team last year!

emergency aid

We have had two emergency programs in 2018.
The little 1 year old who got third degree burned on his full left leg and needed medical help.

Single mum with her 3 daughters
A young women of 3 young girls became widow last year from one on another day. They where desperately in need of the basics like food, warm clothes and blankets for the winter.


Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person

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Meet our Board members


Voorzitter: Jazie Veldhuyzen
Penningmeester: Marjan Versteeg
Secretaris: Peter van Diepen
Bestuurslid: Manon Versteeg